I’m a London-based freelance journalist and photographer who, since the late 1990s has specialised in creating high quality guidebooks and travel-related content. During my career I’ve written on a wide range of topics – from health food and insurance policies to manga and anime (Japanese comics and animation).


From 1991 to 1994 I lived in Tokyo and travelled throughout Japan. That experience led to me co-authoring the award-winning Rough Guide to Japan. I have subsequently researched and written over 50 guidebooks in the last 15 years for Lonely Planet, Time Out, Insight, Frommer’s, AA Publishing and Thames & Hudson among others.

In recent years I have worked on the Lonely Planet guides to Korea, Seoul, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, Cape Town and Russia. For more details see this page.

I’ve also written for websites, newspapers, magazines and a whole range of other clients as well as created an app about Singapore for Sutro Media .

Also see my profiles on Amazon and Lonely Planet and my contact page.