Bampo Bridge Fountain

IMG_3023Finally got around to seeing the Banpo Bridge Fountain in action –  this spectacular sight has been recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records at the world’s longest bridge fountain. A total of 380 nozzles spaced down 570m of each side of the bridge spout 190 tons of water per minute in graceful arcs into the Han River

IMG_3017At night coloured lights turn the water sprays into a rainbow. Celine Dion notwithstanding – rousing pop songs provide the soundtrack the for the 20 minute-long displays which play each weekend at intervals between 12.30pm and 9.20pm – its best to come after dark to experience the full effect of the lighting design. Usually fountains on one side of the bridge operate but you may be fortunate and catch them both in full flow.

The Banpo is actually a double decker bridge with the lower level hosting a couple of cycle lanes and footpaths – walking the length of the bridge over the Han while the fountains are playing is memorable and makes for some great shots of Seoul at night – yet another great free show put on by the city for the citizens.

2 thoughts on “Bampo Bridge Fountain

  1. hi, this looks lovely. thanks for sharing. i’m taking a trip to seoul. Do you know when the lightshow happens? Does it happen every night?

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