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As an appetiser, here are words and images on five of my favourite places in the world.


Sample the serenity of a Buddhist temple where the honk of traffic is replaced by the rhythmic pre-dawn chants of shaven-headed monks … If nothing else, your tastebuds will be tingling at the discovery of one of Asia’s least known but most delicious cuisines.


Prepare to be pleasantly disorientated as you negotiate this fascinating land where ancient gods, customs and craftsmanship are mixed up with cutting edge modern technology, futuristic fashions and up-to-the-second style.


From the power machinations of the Kremlin … to the compelling beauty of its arts and the quixotic nature of its people, whose moods can tumble from melancholy to indifference or exuberance in the blink of an eye, Russia is a fascinating creation that will perplex, delight and ultimately seduce you.

Cape Town

The World Design Capital 2014 is … already one good-looking metropolis, from the brightly painted facades of the Bo-Kaap and the bathing chalets of Muizenberg to the Afro-chic decor of its restaurants and bars.


Kuala Lumpur is … a place where Malay kampung (village) life stands cheek by jowl with the 21st century glitz of the Petronas Towers and shoppers shuttle from traditional wet markets to air-conditioned mega malls.